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This is an exciting time for artists. Look around, it is happening all over: local painters are busily selling paintings at hometown art fairs; local bands or people with songs for download on the Web are being interviewed by local media. So finally, local artists, whose paintings may never hang in major museums or whose music may never reach the top of the charts, are being recognized and are making sales.
And so, too, are writers. You know them, they’re the people scribbling away in their attics or kitchens or dens. You’ve met them. They’re the maddening folks who post at your favorite online-book site, “Hey, I’ve put out a book, please, take a look!”
You may well wonder what prompts these people to make such exhibitions of themselves. Well, writing isn’t easy, and getting our work published traditionally today is becoming ever more difficult. Plus some writers say publishers’ support is not what it once was and that the writer’s slice of the revenue pie is too small. For more details on these issues and others I recommend you read this post at Author Provocateur’s website.
But no matter how your approach it, it’s no small thing to decide to put your writing out there in front of people all on your own, For me, perhaps, the decision was easier than it is for some. I’m retired. I’m not looking to build a long or glorious career. Even if that were possible, I’d have to have started my efforts a long time ago. My trip into this new publishing world began one day when I was cruising the web and learned that I could self publish an ebook for free. I nearly shouted out loud from pure joy. My impossible dream had just been made real.
Now, a couple of years later, I’m still pretty darn happy. I have shifted from offering Murderous Relations as a free novel to charging $0.99 for the book. I guess I just suddenly tired of giving away my hard work. So if you see me pop up on one of your favorite online book sites to promote my book, I hope you’ll have a little patience with me and with my fellow writers.. We’re just trying to grab a little time in the sun, like the painters and musicians I mentioned above. We’re all artists; we all want to put our work in front of an audience.
Anyway, no matter what you think of these new publishing options and those of us who grab them and run, happy reading or writing anyway.
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