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They say it can be difficult when reading fiction to see beyond the story and down to what is written on the page. For that reason, many people suggest proofreading sentences or paragraphs or pages by reading them backwards. They tell us this keeps us focused as writers on the words on the page and keep us from getting lost in the story.

So when someone suggested that to understand plotting I should read a good novel backwards, I thought the suggestion made sense. I found my backward reading of the story eyeopening. It helped me see how much of what comes in the next chapter has its way carefully prepared in the current chapter. But I also use reading backwards to check my own novels for plot holes and logical development.

That’s the meat of what I wanted to say on plotting, but there are many articles online that go into plot development in greater depth. For that advice, I offer you the following links.

In the meantime, happy writing and reading to us all.

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