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If I could die and go to heaven and come back gifted with any of my desires, I’d like to come back writing like George Wier, who writes the Bill Travis mystery series. God bless his little ol’ heart. I would like that. And I’m not even a southern woman.

I make these comments based on a free ebook I stumbled upon called, The Last Call.  The book follows the adventures of Bill Travis, a helpful guy who finds himself attracted to a beautiful woman. The woman, of course, needs Travis’ help. She’s fleeing an enemy who’s wants to kill her or anyone crazy enough to come to her aid. Toss in a big pile of money and some loco old Texas history and you’ve got yourself an interesting mix of characters and situations.

The book was free when I came across it, but if buying it is the only option now, my recommendation is to buy, buy, buy. buy it! This is the most fun I’ve had reading in a very long time. Even a female friend, whom I called and read excerpts to, giggled and chuckled over George Wier’s prose. I give this book an enthusiastic five-star rating.

The Last Call is available here.

* Note, I only review books I happen upon and enjoy reading. I don’t do solicited reviews.