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As I’ve noted here, I am at work on a new novel. But it’s not going well. Unfortunately, I’ve probably tossed out as many pages as I’ve written. It’s tough to reach the end of a book that way.

Yesterday, I barely did more than rewrite three paragraphs about twenty or twenty-five times. Can you say unproductive? Worse yet, I believe my blog’s “Books” page says Murder at Troublesome Creek will be coming out soon. Based on my recently unproductive writing days, I’d say, I lie. It’s going to take a while before this new book is finished. Darn.

I hadn’t expected this much frustration with this new book. I thought I’d wrestled all of my demons to the floor with my first book. I assumed when I started this new task the book would pour forth as simply as . . . .

Oh yeah, I guess nothing is birthed easily, is it? They used to say with childbirth that we forgot how painful it had been after it was finished. Had to be that way, they said, or we’d never agree to have another child. And I think there’s some truth in that viewpoint. (I have three children.)

But nothing gets finished by giving up. So, difficult as it may be the only way forward is to plant tush in chair and keep typing, or is that more accurately called keyboarding today?

Anyway, if you happen to be struggling too, this is my bit of advice for the day. Please check out this page, where the Snowflake Guy, talks about how to write the perfect scene. It’s helped me before when I’ve struggled. I hope it helps you, too.

Happy reading and writing everyone.