I’ve read a lot recently about author branding, and it has me thinking–and sweating. Murderous Relations has done well for me, selling a little under $700 worth since I put a price tag on the ebook in December. I understand that my take from the book could be considered insignificant by many. But it represents rather a lot to me.

But as so often happens in life, success brings with it dilemmas. My question becomes how do I match the success of my first book with my next book? From my limited knowledge of branding I understand that the second book must replicate to some extent the style and tone of the first novel. Plus, I would like in some way to signal a tie-in between the two books for the reader at the outset. To that extent I’m thinking about the second book’s cover and more specifically its title.

As readers of this blog know, my envisioned title for my second book was Murder at Troublesome Creek.Now I’m considering using Murderous Intent. I’m writing stand alone books. I can’t list the new book as the second in a series. So I thought perhaps the repetition of the word murderous in both titles along with the use of my author name might trigger a tie-in between the two books in the reader’s mind. But I don’t know. I’m charting a new course here.

So how do you handle branding in your books?