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This just in from the Smashwords blog, via owmer, Mark Coker:


Your books are are touching people.  In the last four weeks at the Apple iBookstore and Barnes & Noble alone, Smashwords books were downloaded over 6 million times.   The day may yet come when Smashwords authors reach more readers than the authors of all the Big 6 publishers combined.

Our books are selling, too.  Smashwords retailers will sell $18 to $20 million worth of your ebooks this year.  The majority of those sales dollars will flow into our authors’ and publishers’ pockets.


I must admit I’m enjoying my time with Smashwords. I’ve gone from someone who published a few words which I put out for free. (I mean, who’s going to buy a self-pubbed author’s book, right?) Now though, after I noticed how many times my free works were downloaded, I’m charging 99 cents for the novel and receiving dividends for doing so.

God bless Smashwords. As a retired small-town journalist, the money from my one novel is so welcome. Plus, it’s grand fun! People are reading my works. I am thrilled.

Bully for Smashwords, and bully for me! I love being part of Smashword’s astounding march toward a new publishing future. And I am enjoying the small fruits of my labors and hoping for more to come from two more novels, which I will hopefully finish soon..