In honor of Read an Ebook Week, I thought I’d review novels I discovered through the promotion. The first of those is Quinn Checks In, written by L. H. Thomson.


This is apparently the first book in Thomson’s Quinn series and appears to be a permafree, but I discovered it during the Read an Ebook Week promotion, so I’m reviewing it here.

Thomson’s main character is an ex-artist, ex-boxer, and ex-con, which is no easy feat, but all of which combine to make Quinn an interesting character. He’s currently working as an insurance investigator, specializing in art. But he handles other odd jobs as well.

The novel is set mostly in the working class neighborhoods of Philly and features fellow characters ranging from cops to mobsters to well-heeled swells. Under Thomson’s guidance they all combine into a highly interesting whodunit.

If I had stars to post here, I’d give this book five.