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PamP.S. Winn always loved to write. Journals, short stories and poems filled every cubbyhole of her home, but until 2012 she didn’t even try to put the words to paper and actually publish.
Once begun the words never stopped flowing. With 15 books published and 2 more in the works she feels like the readers have turned her dreams and sometimes her nightmares into a reality. P.S. Winn lives in Montana, but also spends time in Utah where she also lived half of her life. She has 7 children and 18 grandchildren.

We’re happy to have you join us today. Please, tell us a bit about your latest book.

Winn NovelThe newest book is called “Lies in Shadows”. It is a Paranormal, psychological thriller. It also has a touch of romance. Lucretia has a mental block and at 32, can’t remember a pre-eleven life. Her mother dies and Lucretia’s block begins breaking down and the lies she was told about her lack of memory lie in the shadows of her mind begin to surface.  Deputy Sheriff Max helps her to find the truth, along the way they discover a closer relationship than either expected.

Q: With nine novels and a collection of children’s stories, you are obviously a prolific writer. Where do you find inspiration for your works?

A: My ideas come from mostly life and my vivid imagination. I also can’t sleep at night because the story unfolds in my mind and until I put it on paper it won’t go away. My characters have lives of their own and have the biggest say in where my story goes.

Q: Do you have any tips to share for writers who’d like to follow in your path and expand into children’s books?

A: Just have fun. The children’s books are so fun to write. Kids have great imaginations and you can take the books to any level. I am working now on a sequel to “Stretched Stories” and it is so much fun to write the humorous tales and try to write from an child’s perspective. I think it keeps me young and that is a great plus.

Q: Is there one central message you’d like your readers to take home with them when they finish reading one of your books?

A: I want the readers to get lost in the books. When they finish I hope they say wow, that was a great journey. I have a book of short stories and poems called “Heartfelts” which is a bit different than my others. ( I also include my own drawings) “Heartfelts” takes a hard look at some sad subj takes a hard ects ( death of a child, alcoholism, breast cancer) but also have uplifting messages. A reader told me they cried through the whole book and I was so touched.

You say you’d be writing books no matter whether people read your stories or not. What keeps you going during the periodic slumps we all experience?

I can’t stop writing because it makes me happy. I write all my stories long hand and once my pen hits the paper the words flow. I do get depressed when sales are down, but the writing is not about money it is about sharing the love of what I do and hopefully even one person will come back and say thanks, your book made my day. One reader told me she had a daughter who was pregnant and having problems that ended her in the hospital. On the monitor the baby’s heartbeat was irregular. The reader pulled out her e-reader and began reading out loud one of my children’;s books and the baby’s heartbeat returned to normal and things turned out well. I have never been so touched. What a reason to never give up this journey.

Q: Many of us are influenced by our surroundings. I know I am. I’ve spent most of my life in a rural setting, and it’s those people whose stories I like best to write. How has your surroundings influenced your writing?

A: Almost all my stories take place in small towns because that is where I have always lived. I mention bigger cities in my books but I love the atmosphere of a small town. When I am traveling and driving through a small town my mind goes into overdrive because I imagine all kinds of things going on in the places I drive by.

Q: If you had one tip you’d like to share with fellow authors, what would it be?

A: Believe in yourself and don’t give up. If you enjoy writing for the actual process of writing itself, then that is what is important. If I wasn’t a writer I would be doing something else that makes me happy. I love to paint, draw and do hobbies so I will always do that too because when all is said and done you have to do what makes your life more enjoyable, even if it is a hobby and not your job.

 Q: Any questions I’ve not asked that you’d love your readers to know about you or your work?


A:I just want readers to know how much I thank them. A book isn’t complete until someone reads it. It has been a wonderful experience for me, this journey of being an author. Everyone has given me positive feedback both in reviews and stories shared. I am still waiting for the day when I have to deal with a bad review or a reader who gives me bad feedback. I hope it never happens and right now I am just so happy to write and be involved in this whole crazy world of being a writer.

You may visit P.S. Winn at her website.