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The name of Lemon’s sleuth is Ida Noe, a fact which our heroine finds irritating since, as many people  point out, her name sounds rather similar to that overused phrase, I dunno. And since she’s never married, it’s a burden she’s had to bear all her life.

As you have perhaps guessed, Maple Syrup Murder features humor as well as mayhem within its pages. But when faced with a friend who she believes is being framed for the murder of a maple sap reviewer, Ida stiffens her spine and goes to work to prove the town’s darling young policeman wrong. Of course in a tourist rich spot like Cider Island, murder is not on the merchants’  list of top attractions. So the pressure is on everyone to get this case solved

Maple Syrup Murder is a lark, and I’m sure readers will be looking forward to future installments.