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So here it is, a fresh chance to fill our plates and chomp down on another year.  All in all 2016 hasn’t been bad for me. I’ve written a few more books and sold some too, In my world that always makes life good.

I’m also looking forward to grappling with new challenges in 2017. I’ve recently begun dictating my stories using a voice-typing program. It takes my spoken words and translates them into letters on the computer screen. I look forward to improving those results. While the computer’s typing accuracy far exceeds my own, it sometimes doesn’t quite catch what I’ve said. Instead, it produces a word that’s nothing like what I intended. But that’s okay. No one’s perfect, not even a computer. Obviously, I must learn to speak more clearly.

Far more important to me is what lies ahead In the coming year for Hetty Fox and Melanie Hart. I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle their challenges and resolve their problems. For I’m only the messenger, folks. These women have minds of their own and enjoy exercising them. They almost never let me dictate what they do and where they go. The only thing we unerringly agree on is that the bad guy or gal must be caught and justice served.

So on that note I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year filled with lots of wonderful and exciting reads.Thanks for stopping by, and to learn when my latest books come out be sure to follow this blog.