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DEATH2 (1)


This is the first book in the Melanie Hart mystery series.  The novel features ace-reporter, Melanie Hart, and her beautician sidekick, Ginger Black.

In this first book in the series, Melanie is on her way to her best friend’s wedding when she discovers a corpse a few feet shy of the church. The discovery ruins the day for a lot of people – including Melanie and Ginger.

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Crowe again 3 (2)


In this tale Melanie Hart and Ginger Black tackle the murder of a high school math teacher. But who did this woman know who’d want to kill her? No one seems to have any idea. Yet as the two dig deeper, they discover all sorts of possibilities. Who dreamed high school could be so deadly?

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A ghost, a cat, and dead bodies give Hetty Fox fits in this lighthearted mystery series. Recently widowed and new to to town, Hetty mist carve out a place for herself in a village of strangers. Shortly into that effort, she discovers her first murder victim which sets the stage for fascinating new hobby.

But she also must referee the fights between her ghost and cat, They don’t much care for each other.Then there’s her daughter, Megan. She’d lock Hetty up in a heartbeat if she figured out what Hetty was doing.

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In this adventure, Hetty is off to Chicago to visit a dear friend. But nothing goes as planned. Andrew refuses to stay home with Blackie. Meanwhile, Blackie refuses to play nice with the grandkids. Then a murder raises it’s ugly  head. None of this is able to put Hetty off her stride as she summons her resources and sets out to track the killer down.

But Hetty soon learns this may be one of her most challenging cases ever.

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